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Talent Sourcing As A Service

We let you focus on what you do best and we'll do the rest.

We think that some stages of recruitment are better left to the company, and charge accordingly.

What you get with RecruiterDnA

Everything you'll need to drive qualified leads to your talent pipelines.

Expert Sourcing + Fast Ramp up = Sourcing as a Service from RecruiterDNA.

Hourly Sourcing / Flat Fee

Alternative to traditional recruitment

Get curated, high quality candidates on your calendar with Sourcing as a Service from RecruiterDNA.

  • Custom Talent Sourcing
  • Diversity First Sourcing

Who we are

We do 60% of what a full-service recruiting firm does, at 20% of the price
Expert Sourcing
Diversity Recruitment
Tech Recruitment
Quick turnaround
Much More
Founded in San Antonio, Tx
Paying customers accrued in 6 short years
Secured funding by our clever partners

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